Digital & Offset Printing, Caboolture

Artwork Guide


Our preferred file format is high-resolution PDF. If supplying us with a PDF please ensure that all text is converted to curves or outlines and the file contains no low-resolution images (300 DPI preferred).

We also accept: EPS, CDR, AI and packaged InDesign


When providing us with your own artwork, please ensure that:
Your artwork contains no low-resolution images (less than 300 dpi)
All text is converted to curves/outlines
Your file contains a minimum of 2mm bleed
All CMYK files contain no spot colours
There are no RGB elements
Any areas of solid black utilise ‘Rich Black’ - C30 M0 Y0 K100


Printing uses a CMYK colour format (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). The colours on your screen are RGB colours (Red, Green, Blue). Some RGB colours that appear on your screen can not be printed in CMYK. You must be careful when selecting colours on your printing, as some colours will print “dull” when compared to your computer screen.


See how the two colour formats compare below, you’ll see that the CMYK versions of some RGB colours are duller and appear washed out.




Please include 2mm bleed and also ensure that no part of the printed job is within 5mm of the edge of the page or ‘in the safe zone’.


Good vs Bad


If you have any questions about supplying your own artwork, please contact us.